Silanganan Subdivision, Caloocan

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 937-0792

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3 Responses to BARANGAY 167 – CALOOCAN

  1. federico bulan jr says:

    sa komunidad ng llano brgy 167 sino po ang namumuno? ilan ang dami ng tao?

  2. Jhill Torres says:

    Good day. We are all amazed for the prompt action undertaken by non other than our Mayor Malapitan. At least, a temporary solution has been done and his surprise visit is really something. Thank you!!! Truly appreciate what you have done for all of us.

    However, we are hoping for a long term plan than just putting sand bags instead. But at least for now, there is a move undertaken by your good office. Kudos to you Sir and to all the person in authority by doing such a quick response.

    God bless you Sir.

  3. Jhill Torres says:

    Good day. I am a tenant of Mr. Sinforoso Domingo currently 1P. F. Gonzales St.., Santa Fe Homesite, Llano, Caloocan City. It is almost already past one month that the water is not flowing in our street. It is aggravated by the existence of Carwash along the street and the sand that is eroded from the RA Hardware somehow. It is now affecting not only the residents but all those passing by along our cross streets T. Samson Road towards Deparo and vice versa.

    I, in behalf of all the residents of Sta. Fe Homesite is asking for your immediate action. Thank you and more power to our Barangay officials.

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