Dela Costa Homes, Caloocan

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 442-3468, +632 939-0846

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2 Responses to BARANGAY 179 – CALOOCAN

  1. Jazzie Wolf says:

    Until wat time poh ba ang curfew ng party.. ? Me debut kc dto samen malapit.. And ung sounds nla oang disco na tlga sobrang lakas.. Malapit na poh mg 3am now.. Hnd p co nakakatulog dhek sa lakas at kalabog ng sounds nla.. Naiinitndihan co me party pero ung time kc anung oras na.. Hnd nmn lahat ng tao wlang pasok pg sunday.. Sna nmn maaksyunan nu ho yan.. Sna nabasa agad to

  2. Garbage collection is irregular. Sometimes e weeks before the garbage truck collects ojr garbage. And an industrial company is dumping costruction debris at Tindalo st. Amparo village.

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