CAA Road, Las Piñas City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 820-2016

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  1. du30 says:

    We actually need some help right now . . CAA BARANGAY TANOD are very Poor in Service … i keep on calling the listed number but its just keep on ringing . No one is answering … pls improve ur service . dont sleep !! Do your Job . . Thank u

  2. CJB says:

    Just like what happened to us last night. We were asking for assistance to the CAA Barangay, but it seems they are not interested and NOT PAYING ATTENTION to what I was complaining. Specifically Mr. Renato Banozo. PLEASE RESIGN IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO RESPOND AND NOT WILLING TO HELP OTHERS.

  3. celina furog says:

    good afternoon, magtatanong lang po sana ako kung may nakatira na Roberto Hernandez sa barangay na ito. Salamat po. Sana naman mag respond kayo sa mensahe kung ito, kinakailangan lang po talaga.

  4. Teresa guanzon says:

    Tanong lang po sa barangay officials/tanod di ba po may curfew hours, bakit dito po sa kanto ng bayabas maraming tambay gabi gabi kung tutuusin malapit lng ito sa barangay. Di po ba pwedeng pasyalan ninyo para mapaalis ang mga kabataan na ito na sobrang maiingay.

  5. LaG says:

    Very poor in service.. Wala na bang curfew. Sobra ingay ng mga tambay na kabataan sa sambayanihan.

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