Orense Street corner Antipolo Street, Guadalupe Nueveo, Makati City

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+632 882-1992

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  1. Malaydo says:

    I would like to report the basketball ring along bataan st. If it is possible to be remove… it is causing too much noise because of the tambay… and obstraction especially when people are walking along the street.. Pls help..
    Many thanks

  2. Chad says:

    People here at 8657 St F yabut st are so noisy!!! Can’t sleep for how many night already.

  3. Mon says:

    If you are the one handling the Pinktoda Trike Assoc, I would like to report 7816 trike #. Very mabilis magpatakbo and napakabastos na driver. Squatter ang ugali. Please do something about it.

  4. Lucky says:

    Sana po sitahin nyo naman yung tindahan ng pagkain sa kalsada ng sta rita. Nasa kalsada na yung lamesa ng kainan nila isang sasakyan na lang kasya sa kalsada. Nasa bangketa din yung tindahan at nasa kalsada na yung tolda nila. Gawan nyo sana ng aksyon ito.

  5. Vin says:

    Sana naman kapag may tumawag senyo at pinapuntahan yung kamag anak kasi binubugbog yung asawa eh aksyunan nyo hindi yung dahil kakilala nyo yung magulang ng inirereklmo eh pababayaan nyo nalang..wla kayong silbi eh kung npatay sa bugbog yung kamag anak ko sasagutin nyo ba? kahi man lang danala nyo sa brgy hall at hinintay yung kamag anak.. grabe

  6. Wala po bang rotating tanod pag gabi? Diba po hanggang 10pm lang po ng gabi allow mag patugtog ng malakas? Gabi gabi nalang po may tambay na maingay kung magpatugtog sa harap namen. Di ho kami makapag pahinga. 9565 bataan street kalayaan avenue, sa unang iskinita po after ng highway

  7. Ken says:

    Hi Good day,

    I am a resident of Guadalupe Nuevo, P. Victor street. And I just want to address our complain regarding the piling of garbage in front of our house. This pile of garbage are combinations of construction waste and the usual waste of the residents. The garbage does not only come from the near vicinity, but also from the far ones. We often see people in motorbikes and tricycles carrying their trash and dumping it there. This place is not a garbage dumping area.

    This makes it difficult for cars to park too, because the garbage reaches the street already. Scavengers also search for this place and scattering the trash up to
    street. And we are concern for our health as this brings a lot of viruses within the area.

    This has been a long problem but no action was being made. Garbage collection trucks passes by, but carries only the trash that are convenient for them to bring.

    Attached are photos of the trash dumped for reference. This is located in P. Victor st. corner Felipe St.

    I hope this reaches the right authorities and would quickly take action for a permanent solution and not just temporary solution.

    Best Regards,
    Ken Barroga

  8. Tambay says:

    Araw araw na lang maingay dito samin dahil sa mga tambay dito sa corrigedor st bario bisaya pag naka kita kasi silang tanog mg tatago tapos babalik… sana naman araw2 mag ikot kau and hindi lamg isang beses nakaka storbo na sila lalo my mga bata.. araw2 na lang…

  9. Rodel says:

    Retiro st. Pakidaan ngaun sobra ingay my videoke 1am n my kasama pang mga bata yung umiinum n matatanda . Wla sumisita wlang nagiikot n tanod .

  10. Ina says:

    sino po yung mga bagong barangay officials ngayon ng guadalupe nuevo?

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