Garnet Street, MHS-II B Subdivision, Caloocan City

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+632 466-4956

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9 Responses to BARANGAY 172 – CALOOCAN

  1. Emily V. Trinidad says:

    Bgy 172 Health Center is not accommodating compared to Bgy Kaligayahan Health Center which is very convenient and friendly. Employee staff of Bgy Kaligayahan Health Center issues medicines such as Losartan and Simvastatin Monday to Friday with no cut off time. Only Dr. Balagbagan of Bgy 172 Health Center issues medicines every Wednesday only. Patient should be early to log in on the Attendance Sheet because there is a cut off time 8am. Patient will have to wait for lady Dr. Balagbagan who usually arrives at 10am. I am a senior citizen and is not convenient for me to walk long twice to go back to the health center so I usually wait 2 hours for Dr. Balagbagan to arrive and still wait for my turn. I noticed that the medical records of patients who are members of their Hypertensive and Diabetic Club are kept with the Club’s officers while those who are not members are maintained in the Health Center files. It seems like there is discrimination. When I was approached and offered membership, I asked the lady officer for the benefits. The lady told me it is for the medicines, supplies and sometimes party. Initial membership fee is 100.00 and there is a monthly fee of 20.00. I was not convinced with the lady’s answer because free medicines are provided by the government. Recently, I saw an announcement of Xmas Party for the Hypertensive and Diabetic Club and I think there was a fee. Where do their collection of monthly fees and membership fees go?
    Bgy Kaligayahan welcomes their constituents and ask their needs upon entering the Bgy hall. Bgy 172 is not systematic. The Desk Officer Mr. Zaldivar listened to my complaint on Dec. 13, 2018 and referred me to the Admin Lito dela Vega who also listened and did not take down notes. I was not even asked to fill up a complaint form and just told me that my complaint will be forwarded to Bgy Capt Rolly dela Cruz. I called the Bgy Office on Dec 27, 2018 at 4:45pm to follow up on my complaint and spoke to Treasurer Ed Pastor who told me that Bgy Capt Rolly dela Cruz left and requested me to drop by and write my complaint. I got furious because of their inefficiencies.

  2. Robert Garcia says:

    sana may pumuntang tanod dito sa matrix at sitahin tong mga bata na to nag lalaro pa diba curfew o wala na to

  3. Robert Garcia says:

    dito po sa matrix paki sita po un mga bata dito hangang ngayon naglalaro parin sa harap po nang sm homes

  4. survival tan says:

    D2 sa zamora compound gate 1.. grabe videoke hangganga umaga.. inde man lang kau umaksyon.. kakainis kayo.. magaling lang kau pag eleksyon.. mag iisang taon na yung resort d2 di niyo man lang sinasaway.

  5. concern citizen says:

    villa magdalena 1 po may nagvivideoke gabing gabing na…rumonda kayo ngayon para mahuli nyo po

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    Putragis tong barangay na to. Puro palamunin. Tumatawag ako walang sumasagot. Mga gago ang gagaling nyo lang nung eleksyon. Putanginang mga SK yan walang silbe. Lahat ng tanod natutulog. Kap ayusin mo naman mga tao mo isa kading gago!, Walang kwenta tangina nyo puro kayo pinapasweldo mga puking ina nyo!!!

  7. Ronald Gonzales says:

    Tamarind St. Phase 1 by the newly constructed covered basketball court pa morningan na naman ang ingay ng mga nagiinuman!!!

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