Gladiola corner Ilang-Ilang Streets, T.S. Cruz Subd., Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City

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+632 842-7217

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  1. Jesus H. Arevalo says:

    how come na d na cocolllect ang garbage namin sa petron station daang hari? I am paying a7k every year at city hall, madalang kuhanin ang basura namin, something wrong mukhang hanggang caltex lang kayo lagi nag cocollect, ano may kiling na ba, o kailangan pang malaman ng city about this. Salamat

  2. Glenn says:

    Hi sa TZ Cruz subd ba yung brgy hall ng Almanza Dos? Para sa pag kuha ng Brgy Clearance?. Salamat sa sasagot

  3. Chyna says:

    Hi, as of this time 1:29am meron paring nag papatugtog ng malakas sa street ng jasmin Ilang ilang malapit sa dulo. Akala ko ang videoke or any loud sounds celebration till 10pm lang. I think hanggat walang nag rereklamo hindi sya magagawaan ng aksyon. I suggest maging regular ang pag roroving para makita yung ganitong pag violate ng rule. But still Im hoping mapahinto na yung malakas na tugtog cause of birthday celebration I think.

  4. Concern citizen says:

    Salamat po sa last na concern ko na inaksyinan n’yo agad in 10mins, nagawa n’yo po pahinaan ang videoke nila Yalong. Makikisuyo po sana uli ako nagsisimula na naman po sila magingay ang Yalong napakalakas po ng videoke nila ngayon, bka po pede mapagsabihan sila na nakaka istorbo sila sa mga kapit bahay, wla po sila pakielam kung malakas ang videoke nila. Pls po pa aksyon lang po. Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay po kyo….

    • Jang says:

      Hi I would like to follow up garbage collection in our area here in Versailles along Daang Hari Almanza 2, Las Pinas City. It’s been 1 month now that our garbage not collected as of today June 2, 2018. I hope that you pay attention on this po. Thank you very much!

  5. My says:

    I like the place I stay at despite some minor flaws.

    The caretaker is very patient, building guards are very accommodating and pleasant while cleaners adhere to your requests on schedule. The fact that this building tries to provide everything is simply phenomenal. I was dead set on staying for years to come.

    As of yesterday I thought of truly moving out and just purchasing my own for the simple reason of inconvenience at the subdivision gate.

    While the efforts in ensuring that safety becomes a priority, the sampaguita guards are not exactly apt to do such things. Not all residents are permanent hence the refusal to buy stickers that does not benefit them. Payment of 20 to cross between gates is a great way to minimize those that do but for residents of once a week, a purchase of a sticker more expensive than other reputable subdivisions in the area is unreasonable. Last option of handing over licenses is a great idea but citizens do not have control over LTOs delay. Will the guards be accountable for replacing these paper receipts in the event of heavy downpour or loss thereof? They say nothing and yet insist on taking that piece of paper issued by the incompetence of LTO. Expired licenses are also something we cannot forego as it is, it’s the only valid ID for driving due to LTOs delay.
    All they do is either ignore your questions or yell at you. Trigger me and I’ll yell right back. Please plant some common sense in these guards’s tiny brains to understand that they are not LTO and will not be fair to them to pay for a car owner’s license in the event of uncontrollable factors. Why can’t they just inspect the paper and keep the plastic for everyone’s safety?

    If safety truly is the intent of making people buy stickers and tickets, why do I feel that is not the case? Squatters are everywhere. People who cannot be tracked can come in and out of the subdivision. Cars get scratched and never find out the culprit. Is this the purpose of the charges? If so, I do not feel it.

    How does paper receipt vary from plastic license to solve for crime identification? Backwards mentality. Sadly, this is why the Philippines will never progress and foreign investors and business leaders will continue to abuse the local incompetence.

  6. Concern citizen says:

    Taga aster st. po ko, madalas kac na maingay ung street namin sa lugar ng mga yalong, kung hnd drum sound ng videoke nila na nka todo lakas na akala nila sila may ari ng street, kagaya ko po my trabaho ako na dapat pag sunday nakaka paghinga ako ng mahaba, kaso madidinig mo ng 6am ung drum nila na pinapatugtog. Hnd ba sila pwede pagsabihan na nakaka istirbo sila, kac kmi homeowner dto. Asahan ko po ang agarang aksyon n’yo. Salamat po

  7. Jang says:

    Our Garbage in Versailles Daang Hari are not collected for one month now. They said 2 of their truck are not working. No solution for one month. Please give full attention on garbage Hon. Brgy Chairman. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you very much po.

  8. Michael Angelo Aclan says:

    Good pm po mga barangay natin at sa acting kagalang galang na baragay chairman…
    Sana po at ma acsyonan ninyo ang nagaganap na
    Sugalan sa among lugar… Nakakaperwisyo na po sila eh.. Ang iingay at nagkakalat pa… Sana po ay mabigyan po into ng action maraming salamat po…
    By: Concern Citizens…

  9. pamela perez says:


  10. OLIVE CABALUNA says:

    Saan po ba maaring makahingi ng copy ng mapa ng barangay sa las pinas?

  11. Conceen citizen says:

    At this time of night wala po na ronda na tanod o sumasaway sa mga nag iinuman na maingay sa gladiola st nakaka isrorbo po sa mga natutulog.

  12. Eddie says:

    Pls. Advise barangay tanod or police can roving here our area at carnation st cor Bougainvilla st..coz they have so much Standby here around12:30midnight..

  13. joaannn says:

    Here in pugad lawin 11pm na my ng vedioke pa walang ng sasaway na barangay tanod!!!!


    do you have a email po?

  15. Concern citizen says:

    And the hotline of tscruz almanza 2 are not working !

  16. Concern citizen says:

    The barangay tanod of ts Cruz almanza 2 are not respond immediately….

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