815 Archimedes Street, La Paz, Makati City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 895-2755

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2 Responses to BARANGAY LA PAZ

  1. Caprice T. says:

    The barangay should also start controlling what seems like abandoned PUJ and camping tricycles na pagdating ng gabi nakakatakot maglakad dahil minsan ay lasing ang natutulog sa tricycle or may niroromansa. I hope the barangay starts controlling this tricycle drivers dahil mga bastos, over speeding at nagcounterflow pa sa kalsada. Para kasing walang ginagawa ang barangay captain tungkol sa mga problema ba ito. By the wsy mga nagnanakaw po diyo ng kable sa poste ay naka tricycle din po. Please do something dahil abusado ba ang mga ito.

  2. age says:

    Please warned all the tricycle drivers in your vicinity or assigned there. all drivers are rude and arrogant. as well they get an overpricing fare. you should give disciplinary action to those drivers who are not safe to ride in. especially to those who work in of our employee told a complaint tru phone but u still did not make any action. once you did not do some disciplinary action especially to the tricycle drivers with plate numbers 6494 and 8522 where they don’t have any id.. this warning will go to malacanang office and to PNP. cos this is a serious matter towards us the commuters. also let those drivers be in DRUG test examination. coz the drivers based on the explanation of some of our employees are under the influence of drugs. please warn them and give them dicsiplinary action.
    thanks and godbless.

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