Del Pilar Street, South Cembo, Makati City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 728-1832

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  1. Concern citizen says:

    I’ve been calling their number for an hour and no one was answering. I’m about to report a videoke that was playing too loud. Just imagine if its emergency and no one was answering. Brgy South Cembo, please assign a personel 24/7 please.

  2. Maio Trese says:

    Same thing..therebis a videoke group that’s too loud in the neighborhood & they also talk loudly. More likely, they are shout at each other. Even though it’s in the afternoon, they disturb people who really really needs to sleep. It happens even when people are sick. THEY ARE SO LOUD & they imply they could take on anyone. When is there going to be an able person to answer the phone AND a much able person to at least subdue these disturbers?

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