Talon Dos, Las Piñas City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 873-1939

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  1. to BARANGAY TALON hello my name is steven herbert now in nov 2011 i was in ur office for a separated to my ex wife juvilyn bandojo barbas which was singed in ur office do you still have a copy of that paperwork my mobile number is +639770765599

  2. madz says:

    Good morning! What is the contact number of old Barangay Health Center ?Do we have an HIV Test?

    Thank you.

  3. analyn villanueva says:

    sana po mactionan nyo po un rosal st motherearth sudb un sa dulo po may nakatira mag live un na user and pusher , at palagi po nag aaway pag mga bangang na pls sana confidential po ang pag sumbong ko sa inyo sana matukhang na sila

  4. Nhors says: to get indegency?

  5. Emily Ciballos says:

    For your action pls….. chk here at edward go st, the trucking neighborhood ALWAYS burn something w/c caused to spread gusty air resulting to suffocate my elderly mom and my daughter that trigger asthma attack. Appreciate your action to call their attention so to prevent them fr doing this healt hazard practice

  6. Candy de Luzuriaga says:

    Do you have free injections for dog rabies for residents of BFRV? If yes, when and where? Thanks.

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