Barangay Tonsuya, Malabon City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 351-1332

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  1. nalyn says:

    1pm tumatawag po kmi sa hotline nyo para magrequest sana ng ronda sa street namin dahil may lumalakad sa bubong namin kaso wala po sumasagot.

  2. Alan says:

    Dami po nakaharang na sasakyan.tindahan. Mga halaman sa karsada Di na po madaanan ng ayos karsada Mendiola papuntang barangay.sana aksyonan naman

  3. jolan rubino says:

    the summer is approaching we would like to organize a game for the youth and so on but we got a news that they will make our court covered then everyone got disappointed to that project because sooner it’s the vacation of every youth in our place and every voters and youth get so dis appointed because they expect it in every summer and vacation ! please forgive us we want to do it ! you can reply at my facebook account jolan rubino

  4. Maria Luisa Castillo says:

    Jesus our Hope for the Hungry – Christian mission would like to reach the poor families living in Barangay Tonsuya – there is a huge river of garbage. I have watched the “Reporter’s Notebook – “Episode – Burak at Pangarap.

    We would like to reach and seek the help and support of the Barangay Captain in Barangay Tonsuya. Your support and assistance is highly appreciated. You can reply to my e-mail address Thank you and Best Regards.

  5. catrina mae mayo says:

    please po

  6. catrina mae mayo says: tiga san po itong bata na to

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