Motillano Extension, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 842-0468, +632 842-2292

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  1. Rommel Mendez says:

    inquire ko lang what is needed to apply for a brgy. clearance? we will have a showroom sa Westgate Hub at the back of S&R & CW Home Depot. Thanks

  2. rosari opina says:

    hi i just wanna ask, how much are we ganna pay in securing business cert.

  3. Respected Police office, plsss help me & plss pass message to Mayor !!

    Plsssssss need urgent response !!!!*

    Mayor jimmy fresnidi ??
    Pls I need justice from you Mayor, pastora Rowena Lation of our church COB
    in P4 Sto.nino village,tunasan knows this 2ladies by name of Rebecca
    nakanishi & Rosalina Flores, who had taken money since long time but
    avoiding to pay back, I had sent msg to all church member via fb messenger
    on Thursday 71/2016, no one response yet, msg as follows:

    Hi church members !!!

    This money need to pay within 7days with sorry-letter endorses by
    barangay-chief & witness by pastora & Darren. Amounts & person names as
    follows was given utang to them from my side :

    1. Rebecca nakanishi $1200/- since 1999
    2. Rosalina Flores Php.10000/- since 8years

    In case of failure, I will be on hunger strike & upon my death, the
    following persons will be fully responsible for my death as I give them
    enough time to pay back.

    1. Rebecca nakanishi,Phil
    2. Hidaiki Nakanishi, Japan
    3. Rosalina Flores, Phil
    4. Adrian Flores, Phil

    I love my wife & son.
    God bless.

    Thanks !!!
    Rajesh Mirpuri

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