40 Amorsolo Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Barangay Hall Contact Number(s):

+632 895-4011

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6 Responses to BARANGAY BEL-AIR

  1. Cecile says:

    I walk to work passing Salcedo Park on my way. Every morning, in the parking lot next to it, there are many vans with the engines running, waiting for passengers. One of the drivers told me they were told to keep the cars cold, and the AC running. I saw signs on the dashboards HUAWEI, I think they are a Chinese Cellphone company. My concern is the air pollution they produce , and the air quality of the public park where kids play. Pleases give the drivers a warning, they must stop running the car engines in the parking lot. Thanks

  2. arlyn says:

    good pm po, im arlyn napansin ko po kulang yong contact number nyo ng isang number kasi po 10 digits lang

  3. Ramon Yazon says:

    Hi, is Jazz Residences along Jupiter St. Within you Barangay? Thanks

  4. Melinda Cauilan says:

    Just want to know if UPRC Building, 315 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue a part of barangay Bel-Air?

  5. Ampy says:

    Yes. Greetings officers of Bel-Air, Hydra Street in particular. My father is s senior citizen. Your programs I heard have been outstanding. Thank you. May I just suggest that HEALTh is also important for the seniors or those in their 40`s. I heard that there is s chair called WAKI. Please research into this. Many seniors have tried it and gained back their strength and in fact, looked youthful. Why don`t you include it in your gymn or clinic. Surely, you will gather a lot of attention!

    Ampy Galano
    896 66 65
    0918 471 06 53

  6. maya says:

    hi. Sir/Madam, im just to ask if ALPHALAND MAKATI CENTER at malugay st. si under your barangay.. thnk you

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